The Irony Of International Politics

The main political news from beyond the Eurozone crisis this week has centred on two stories. First is the continuing violence in Syria. While the west condems Assad as a butcher and a monster and yet continues to arm the rebels, Russia and China continue to block any UN inspired forced regime change.

Elsewhere, Barack Hussein Obama, with the American economy collapsing around him and the nation dividing ever more deeply along multiple fault lines is trying to gain re – election by usurping George W Bush’s anti terror platform.

This week Obama has been bigging himself up by claiming personal responsibility for the success of a drone attack on a remote village in Pakistan which might have killed a high ranking Al Qaeda member but certainly did kill an unknown number of poor, innocent Pakistanis. As well as Pakistan and Afghanistan the US Administration is also using drones against suspected Al Qaeda bases in Yemen and who knows where else.

Fascinating how Barack Obama can attack and kill Moslems ad nauseum with his drones without the slightest interest from the UN, whereas Basher Al Assad who is doing much the same, is villified and accused of crimes againt humanity by the UN.

The Elitists Trying To Take Over The World

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