Electricity bills set to rise to pay for wind farm subsidies

We told you so. Household electricity bills will have to rise by up to a quarter to pay for underperformance by wind farms and other forms of renewable energy, according to a new report. The study challenges the Government claims that energy bills would fall in the next eight years due to “free” electricity from wind solar and other unfeasible science fiction sources coming online and also because of energy efficiency savings.

The Coalition government which was relying on the savings to offset the price increases caused by renewable energy subsidies. Those extra costs are added on to household bills in the form of consumer subsidies. This week the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will publish its draft energy bill, setting out how it plans to reform the electricity market and reduce the cost to households. Thus the government is doomed. The only problem is the imbeciles of the Labour party are just as besatooted with the unrealistic claims of scientists as the Tories and Lib Dems so a new government would continue along the same road to catastrophe as wasa trodden by the Tories and Lib Dems and the Labour government before them.

Intent on showing how stupid politicians and their scientific advisers are, DECC has insisted that energy bills will begin to fall from next year and will be reduced by seven per cent – or £94 – by 2020 because of new energy efficiency policies. These include the Green Deal, which will provide loans to fund loft and wall insulation; the roll-out of ‘smart’ meters to help control and monitor energy consumption; and the improvement in the energy efficiency of kettles and other appliances.

But a study of the Government’s own figures by the Renewable Energy Forum (REF), a specialist renewable energy consultancy, has accused DECC oflying through their teeth deliberately misleading the public.

REF claims its analysis of the Government figures shows that two-thirds of households, about 17 million in all, will end up worse off as a result of green energy policies even if energy efficiency targets were to be met in full. Given the track record of the indusytry that is unlikely to happen.

In a 54-page report published today (Monday 21 May 2012), REF will conclude: “DECC has made unrealistic assumptions about the use of energy efficiency measures to offset the costs to households, but even on those optimistic assumptions 65 per cent of households will still be net losers. The report states “In fact there is every reason to suppose that the efficiency measures will not live up to these expectations and that costs have been understated.”

Now it is time for voters to ask is it right that consumers should pick up the tab foir this stupid, reckless and environmentally damaging experiment in scientific fuckwittery. It does not take a genius to work out that when there is no wind a wind driven turbine cannot generate electricity. The bigger picture is more complex than that however, and more damning for the scientists and technologists who promoted this scam and for the politicians who embraced it so enthusiastically. It is not just a simple eind / no wind calculation, there has to be enough wind and for the 400 ft plus mosters that we’re told are the only commercialy viable generating machines that is quite a lot of wind. Then is there is too much wind the turbines overheat so if it is really windy they have to be shut down. And they they do not like cold weather which damages the generating gubbins so in cold weather they have to be heated with electricity from the grid

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10 thoughts on “Electricity bills set to rise to pay for wind farm subsidies

    1. Solar not only does not work at night but also during early morning or late afternoon. In fact it is only really efficient at elevations between 65 and 115 degrees. Which mean that in the UK at the time of year when we need most energy solar is absolutely useless.

      Self generating energy. Not exactly unfeasible but very difficult to axchieve


  1. Wind turbines were always a terrible mistake. They produce very little electricity, due to your reasons, and are a blight on the landscape. Solar energy is over-rated too. In fact, the brains running Britain have no idea about alternative useful, paying electricity generation at all.

    Nuclear is the way to go.


    1. I’ve been saying this for years. If the Weirdie Beardies can’t stomach this then we have to go for tidal barrages on the severn, Morcambe Bay, The Solway and anywhere there is a strong tidal current.

      There are possible alternatives but they are decades away fromn being viable because they’ve beenn neglected in the headlong rush to grab the subsisies (easy money) that wind and solar carry.


  2. Underperformance huh?

    You mean, like when the wind doesn’t blow hard enough to turn the blades? Like 100 days a year?

    Any developed economy needs totally reliable and constant electricity supply… and any combo of renewables aint gonna hack it with dependability.
    Back up fossil fuel/nuclear will always be needed and needed to be kept running at near full pelt to iron out fluctuations in wind etc.

    Its a no f*ing brainer. So all those Greenpeace head-in-the-clouds clean energy fairies and all the naive Al Gore sychophants either have no brains or are in league with the public purse money launderers in charge of this gigantic scam and sting on the British public.


    1. Asa the 450 foot 2 Mw monsters, need 25mph wind to generate more electricity than they use they are not generating for considerably more than 100 days a year.

      In fact they are putting juice in the grid just 25% of the time we are paying them for.

      Like you say it’s a no brainer. Nukes aren’t nice but unless we go back to treadmills to drive machienery we need them.
      Wind Turbine Truth


      1. Excellent Ian. And many info’ notches up from my mucho over-emotive 2006 effort
        The scale of public brainwash, the deception and the brazen corruption going on is truly breathtakingly astronomic.

        Will tweet the link to come-what-may wind farm enthusiast Alex Salmond just now.. he seems to have his head in the Islay Mist ..or else his grubby Edinburgh panda paws in the public tax sporran-money laundering till (as well).


      2. Though the course of the year I’ve read The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo trilogy. Though fiction, it was about the corruption, deception and malfeasance that goes on at every level of society.

        People are quick to shout “conspiracy theorist” and say it would be impossible to organise a conspiracy to covr up the global warming scam but when we dig a little below the surface, the big conspiracy has its roots in the thousands of little conspiracies, and a lot of people stand to lose too much so they just turn a blind eye.


      3. “..people stand to lose too much so they just turn a blind eye. ”
        People then, who are not fit for public office – but of course we already know that.


      4. I wasn’t thinking of public office holders, we all know what they are. But the pen pushers and paper shufflers of the private sector are just as bad.


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