Why Secularists Will Not Admit Nobody Is Forced To Pray

When I posted a deliberately over the top rant about last wek’s court case in which a leftie judge who knows less about law than he does about agenda driven politics ruled it was illegal to say prayers before concil meetings I was prompted largely by the nauseatingly smug gloating from supporters of the National Secular Society who hailed this non event as a great victory in the war against “religion, superstition and magical thinking.”

If there is one thing more repellent than a bunch of smug religionists it is a bunch of smug, secularist twats who cannot see they are turning secularism into a religion.

Well I will get around to writing an existentialist rebuttal of the “Secuarism as religion” cult’s crackpot world view sometime (and if you think existentialism is a secular philosophy try reading Soren Kirkegadd or Ludwig Wittgenstein), but for now here’s a link to an excellent article on the topic by Jennifer Lipman who as the better informed among you might have guessed is Jewish, though by her own definition something of a part time Jew.

She bases her arguement on the fact that nobody is forced to pray and not all religion is fundamentalist.

It is easy to exercise one’s right not to pray. If I can’t make an excuse to be not present, family weddings, funerals and such like, I simply don’t join in.

When I was a young knobhead (all young men are knobheads) I used to make a great show of not joining in but maturity taught me there is nothing to be gained by embarrassing everybody else. Sometimes we have to put the feelings of others ahead of our own.

It is not just religion I try to be a non participant in. When I worked for the National Nuclear Corporation in the early 1980s and had been part of the team that designed and implemented high tech systems for a new office complex we were told we would be meeting Princess Anne at the official opening.

A few days ahead of the ceremony I managed to find a very urgent reason to be at a nuclear power station a couple of hundred miles away on the day.

It’s just pointless to make waves when there is nothing to be gained.

The Daily Stirrer – February 2012
Eurocrats are the new Bond Villains

2 thoughts on “Why Secularists Will Not Admit Nobody Is Forced To Pray

  1. I’m not a secularist: I’d just like to see a bit more “Bring back Christmas and Easter” in Britain than misguided sensitivities to Muslims, Hindu and heathen East Europeans etc. Sensitivities can go too far you know: I don’t want to see aunt Fanny in a veil or Bert Bloggs drinking non-alcoholic beer.

    Why don’t the powers that be become a little more sensitive about unemployment –today’s figures are alarming!Britain is becoming incredibly misguided about its priorities.


    1. The point these secularists miss is Hiundus, Jews, Buddhists, sensible atheists and Muslims unless they’re nutters like Al Qatada are not offended by Christmas, Easter etc.

      They are much better at respecting other people’s tadiotions than the political activists that choose to be offended on their behalf.


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