Greek debt deal, Greek taxpayers must stump up for Euro folly

It seems the Euro has been saved at the expense of democracy and inndividual freedom again.

from The Daily Beast:
Greek leaders on Thursday reached a deal for deep austerity cuts, a government official has confirmed. By enacting austerity cuts, Greece is now eligible to receive bailout funds from the European Union—and thus will avoid defaulting on its debt. The deal came just hours before Greece’s financial backers were set to meet in Brussels to discuss the debt crisis. The euro and Greek stocks rose Thursday after the news of a deal broke Greece’s two major labor unions called for a 48-hour strike on Friday and Saturday against the cuts. Meanwhile, Greek unemployment rose to another new record, of 20.9 percent, in November, up from 18.2 percent in October. The average jobless rate for 17 eurozone countries edged up to 10.4 percent in November from October’s 10.3 percent.

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We predicted at The Daily Stirrer some time ago the (B)euro(c)rats of Brussels, the unelected elitists who run our lives would sacrifice the future to save theie precious single nation bureaucratic dictatorship project.

The Greek population are angry and have taken to the streets to protest against being sold into slavery by their leaders. It seems we may soon be hearing little Sir Echo Cameron mimicking Obama’s calls for military intervention in Greece.

7 thoughts on “Greek debt deal, Greek taxpayers must stump up for Euro folly

  1. Ummm sold into slavery? The Greeks? You are having a larf aren’t you? Do you know how many of them have been paid for doing civil servant type jobs and have never done a day’s work in their lives for that pay? Neither does the Greek government because there are too many to keep track of. As for unemployment that will also be a matter of ‘official’ stats rather than reality – a huge proportion of Greeks work for their families in verious roles and do not declare the fact so they can avoid tax.

    The Greek population also get angry and take to the streets to protest every year in the winter months – it is when the tourists are not around and they get bored. It happened every year we were there and nobody was the slightest bit surprised and told us it was perfectly normal for the time of year. The students there have a yearly anarchy protest where they festively firebomb any governmental object in sight.

    Many Greeks take the opportunity to leave their cars out so they will be burned and they can then get a new one on the insurance.


    1. I’m not having a laugh, I’m using political spin to convey an anti E.U. message as shamelessly as Brussels is using political spin to push the superstate agenda.

      We must fight fire with fire.


  2. They are certainly up in arms I heard they are decreasing minimum pay by 22% and unemployment is the highest its been for 30 years. It’s tough now but it is only going to get harder even if they do get the money its going to take 10-20 years to get over this.


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