Meat eating and the politicisations of the digestive tract.

Vegetarians would win more support for their case if they stopped nagging, humping on health sare bandwagons and trying to bamboozle us with blatantly untrue political propaganda masquerading as socially responsible commentary.

A fine example is this article from the Grauniad web site today. Whiner in chief Barbara Ellen is having a god old whinge about meat eaters (as usual), justifying her nagging by citing the results of a new “scientific survey” that shows people who eat processed meat products have a significantly higher chance of developing pancratic cancer.

This is clearly another case of researchers being given a conclusion and paid to build a case to support it. Here’s a little extract of what Barbara has to say:

Analysis of more than 6,000 pancreatic cancer cases published in the British Journal of Cancer says that eating just 50g of processed meat a day (one sausage or a couple of slices of bacon) raises the likelihood of pancreatic cancer by a fifth. 100g a day (the equivalent of a medium burger) raises it by 38%, 150g by 57%.

Note the usual misleading phrasing there. 57%, oh that’s terrible, lots of us are going to die a slow, lingering death. Actually the incidence of pancreatic cancer in the population is about 1.8% if we estimate 500,000 people are born each year. So that’s 57% of 1.8%. That looks a bit different.

In 2008 there were 8,085 newly diagnosed cases of pancreatic cancer in the UK. Although there are a similar number of cases in males and females, the age-standardised rates are higher for males. (Cancer reasearch UK)

Now also you would think to read Ms. Ellen’s political speil on behalf of the red-green party that eating processed meat is the sole cause of pancreatic cancer. Not so according to Cancer Resesrch UK again:

The links between diet and pancreatic cancer are still unclear. Some studies have shown that you increase your pancreatic cancer risk if you have very high levels of sugar in your diet. But 2 studies have shown a lower risk for people with high sugar intake and 1 study showed no effect. Some studies have shown that your risk may also be increased if you eat large amounts of saturated fat in red or processed meats.

NB some studies, not ALL studies.

Some of the causes identified are: smoking, diabestes, excessive alcohol consupmption, bad diet, tooth or gum disease, somach ulcers, heredity.

Buggeration, if you cut out all the fun things in your life and stasrt living like a paranoid monk to satisfy the whiney Ms. Ellen, that heredity could still get you.

You may notice too that the article attacks meat eaters in general while the study shows the very slight increased risk is linked to processed meats only. As I said it’s just propaganda from the Limp Wristed Vegan Nazi Party (Guardian branch).

If you want a reason to give up or simply cut down on meat consumption and the rising price is not enough Mike St Mark will give you plenty of others.

Little Nicky however reminds readers that all statistics are lies and as usual advises moderation and eating the best quality food you can afford in medium sized portions. Avoid SPAM and keep away from those burger and kebab vans and hot dog barrows.

6 thoughts on “Meat eating and the politicisations of the digestive tract.

  1. Look at your teeth Barbara. They are meant for tearing meat apart: Lovely juicy steak; a crackling rosy pork haunch! Many vegetarians (it has been proven, do not get enough protein.) Our bodies thrive on protein as it’s needed for healthy growth.

    True vegetarians, in my view, seem a little wan and pale–lacking in strength. Some eat Tofu, that ghastly substitute for protein that is as tasteless as plasticine.Does it colour your ghostly cheeks? I doubt it. Each to his own I say but I wouldn’t let tofu near my bacon butty!


    1. Veggies wan and pale and lacking in strength?
      Try telling that to the Edinburgh Pandas or Guy the Gorilla!
      And why cannine teeth only for meat? Some veggie foods are also tough esp’ raw.
      Carnivores have short intestines for rapid expulsion of meat ( it rots quick ), all veggie beasts not only have very long intestines in compare but they also ..sweat.
      Have a guess where we might fit in to the natural scheme of things – and that’s not touching on the morals of industrial scale factory-farming not included in Ians post, thankful though I am for the cute Peppa Pig link 😉


      1. Mike,
        While I go with Rob on the subject of bacon buties (taken in moderation of course) I concur with your views on factory farming.

        Most of us meat eaters could get by on much less meat and a more humane, labour intensive, sytem in agriculture would have many advantages.

        But if you are so opposed to meat eatimg what does poor Cathead live on?


      2. I think he mentions he’s veggie… well at least doesn’t stalk & torture mice, birds etc. He puts up with whatever ‘awffal’ keeper forks out of his daily tin, but in his heart of heart ‘prefurs’ plain old rice & peas though once succumbed to a bacon rind scrap handed down by Bloater Chops, god rest his XXXXXXXXXXXXL bulk.


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