Climategate 2 – Return Of The Ice Warrior

James Delinpole has been one of the most active critics of the climate science crooks and liars club.

Today he comments briefly on a news release of e-mails from theClimate Research Unit at East Anglia University bshowing how completely corrupted the climate science community was.

Read it here.

What is really worth looking at is the comment thread. Up at the top when I looked in (although latest goes on top at the Daily Telegraph so it will soon be pushed down) is this one which offers a reprise of how scienceheads have tried to claim the e-mails do not really mean what what typed in them.

Now if that was being said or satirical or libertarian blogggers you’d think, “OK, yeah, they’rev a sarcastic lot alright.” But scientists with a sense of humour? Get the fuck outta here.

Here’s the comment from
(around 11:30 am GMT)
Let’s review just why these e-mails are so important. In 1988 Hansen with Lay [Enron wanted to get rich on carbon trading] and Gore [wanted to get rich on carbon trading] made the presentation to Congress on a hot July day to get US agreement to Kyoto.

Hansen had legitimately decided on 4.2 K CO2 climate sensitivity based on Antarctic ice-core data showing CO2 rose apparently at the same time as temperature.

It was a success and Gore, Trenberth and uncle Tom Cobley and all got lots of money as the politicians set out to tax the people using the CAGW threat as justification. Come 1997 though and it was discovered that CO2 rose 600 years’ later than temperature.

What a disaster! The gravy train was in danger. What then happened was perpetual justification of the status quo. Hansen is still arguing that present warming shows he was right about 4.2K even though it has no palaeo-justification. He does so by using models which are based on the palaeo work anyway also present data when Lindzen can only find 0.7K assuming all recent warming is CO2.

So the context of the e-mails is the desperation as the Team fiddle data, initially hockey stick now prove a fraud, then temperatures – gradually altering the past down and the present up to make a new hockey stick.

It’s all about how to fiddle the data without alerting the Public that the IPCC science has been since 1997 a massive fraud. This was supported by governments, banks, insurance companies – in fact everyone who stands to gain from the deception being successful. It certainly fooled me.

3 thoughts on “Climategate 2 – Return Of The Ice Warrior

  1. The British Bullsh*t Corp’ keen as mustard to headline miniscule increases in C02, as earlier this week .. ( 2 or 3 parts per million), a lot less so to mention the planet is in a cooling trend ..and dodgy data stories are given short shrift indeed.
    Knowledge that the “I” stands for Intergovernmental in “IPCC” should be sufficient to make the discerniing viewer reach for Channel 0 on the remote.


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