Coming Soon To An Internet Near You: Government Censorship

There is a bill presently making its way through the labyrinth of the American legal system, originaly it was called the PROTECT-IP bill and besides an unfortunate name change, the bill has been altered by the US House of Representatives in such a way that it would potentially allow the government and/or various corporations that feel their good name / intellectual property / right to rob us poor punters blind without fear of legal consequence being curtailed, the ability to censor the Internet in whatever way they see fit.

Should the United States government (and be sure wherever they lead on the goosestep to fascism, other will follow) be allowed to censor the Internet to fit their own whims and desires?

OK, for now maybe the last paragraph is hyperbole, but after reading portions of the updated bill, as well as some of the reactions to it on web professionals forums, it’s pretty clear that if the bill becomes law American public could soon be the first to use a very different version of the Internet than what we have all become familiar with.

The sad thing is, besides a small section of informed reactions to the bill, very few among the American public seem to know and/or care about the implications of PROTECT-IP, which, thanks to the ineptitude of House of Representatives technology committee now goes by the unfortunate name the E-PARASITE Act.

Here’s an version of the document, although, it’s doubtful anyone outside of the tech/Internet sector will actually concern themselves with it until they find the only stuff they can read online apart from government propaganda will be the inane drivel and verbal diarrhoea generated by the cast of idiots on sites like Facebook and Google +.

When bureaucrats are handed a power two things are inevitable: That they will never give it up and that they will find a reason, however flimsy why it should be used.

As George Orwell put it in his novel of an authoritarian state, 1984; “Who controls the past controls the future and who controls the present controls the past.”

Orwell needed to add nothing to that but modern readers are not universally sophisticated so I’ll explain; the unwritten subtext there is, “Who controls the information controls the present.”

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