The Arab Spring – Leopards and Spots. I Told You So

When Little Niucky questioned the wisdom of the west’s air war on Libya with it’s aim not of preventing a massacre in Benghazi as the UN resolution permitted (a couple of Tiger Moths could have done that – well, if they had been backed up by a few Apache helicopter gunships that is) some readers were quick to point out what an evil tyrant Gadaffi was.

Well yes, he was. A scumsucking son of a pox whore’s scab louse in fact. But that was not a good reason to support an uprising by a rag bag coalition of tribal factions, Al Qaeda terrorists and and religious fanatics that could not possibly have succeeded without western support.

At the time Little Nicky warned that the likely outcome of our support for any of the so called Arab Spring uprisings would not be to oust unpleasant regimes such as Gadaffi, Mubarak in Egypt, Assad in Syria or the long winded President Zine El Abedine Ben Ali in Tunisia and replace them with Goldman Sachs friendly western style crypto democracies.

Well the first democratic election spawned by the Arab Spring uprisings, in Tunisisa, has resulted in an overwhelming victory for the Islamist party, Ennahda, which may be making reassuring noises about a western style government but which campaigned on promises to impose Sharia law (not compatible with western social liberalism at all)

Ennahda was banned under Ben Ali because it planned to turn Tunisia into an Islamic theocracy. If leopards can change their spots, and I’ve heard they can’t, it does not happen that quickly. When the Ennahda leader and putative President Rachid Gannouchi went to cast his vote last weekend he was greeted by shouts of “terrorist.”

Apparently people who know the beast have their doubts about leopards and spots too.

As we look forward to the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood when Egypt holds its long awaited ‘democratic’ elections Little Nicky must once more, and with regret, say, “I told you so.”

Meanwhile I hear that in neighbouring Libya the civil war is about to reignite over arrangements for victory celebrations as rival factions in the Transitional Council argue about which brewery the piss up should be held in.

Obama looking for a proxy war on Syria

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