Too Insane To Be Funny

I saw this on Bishop Hill blog and thought of putting this in Boggart Blog but then decided it is too insane to be funny:

A few months ago the Obama Justice Department brought charges against Continental and six other oil companies in North Dakota for causing the death of 28 migratory birds, in violation of the Migratory Bird Act. Continental’s crime was killing one bird “the size of a sparrow” in its oil pits. The charges carry criminal penalties of up to six months in jail. “It’s not even a rare bird. There’re jillions of them,” he explains. He says that “people in North Dakota are really outraged by these legal actions,” which he views as “completely discriminatory” because the feds have rarely if ever prosecuted the Obama administration’s beloved wind industry, which kills hundreds of thousands of birds each year.

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See what we’re up against?

Iceberg Alley Blues

8 thoughts on “Too Insane To Be Funny

  1. Clearly it is barking mad…

    But, a funny thing. I’ve seen wind generators in Greece, making hardly any sound, and not surrounded by thousands of bits of bird. I know there are economic arguments against them that may be valid, but they aren’t noisy and birds are not stupid enough to get cut up by them.


    1. We had a few of them near where we used to live. There didn’t seem to be a problem. Then again any bird which were edible would already have been shot by the local hunters before getting anywhere near the turbine blades.

      Maybe Greek birds are cannier than UK & US ones as they have to be fairly bright to avoid the hunters who are out all day every day 😉


      1. Naah, I think that some of the campaigners don’t stop while they are still telling the truth, they just go on and invent problems, in the hope that nobody will check.

        Like our local campaigners against the local canal being extended. Death of wildlife, hideous diseases, in fact anything but the fact they live ten yards from where the canal will be.


      2. Walrus, I’m puzzled? Hasn’t anybody told you lot down in the west country we stopped building canals more than 150 years ago. Except in Liverpool of course where they only just finished their end of the Leeds and Liverpool canal after construction schedules were hit by strike action.


    2. All generators are noisy – hasve you ever been in the generator hall of a power station? If the greek ones are not noisy ts probably because there’s no gubbins inside them. The gearboxes can’t be delivered until the next wodge of bailout wonga comes in.


      1. The Shropshire Union used to run past our house when I was a kid. There was a local legend (turned into a poem by John Betjeman) that on certain dark nights the ghost of Captain Webb, the inventor of matchboxes used to swim by on his way home to Dawley.

        Get a few stories like that going. The ghost tours in Edinburgh and York pull in good money.


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