The Facebook Reich

Once again Facebook, the webs most determined violators of personal privacy, have been forced into an embarrassing climbdown after inituially denying charges that they were violating civil rights with one of their data mining schemes.

People who follow Boggart Blog, Little Nicky Machiavelli or The Daily Stirrer will know I am no fan of the companies that are vying to control the internet. Microsoft might be “the sick man of technology” a spent power desperately trying to cling to its former glories as The Ottoman Empire was in 1914, Google are The Evil Empire, consistently evading regulators attempts to curb their ambition to control all the information in the world and quite prepared to trample on our individualism, privacy and civil rights in order to do so. Where does that put Facebook then?

After what we have learned this week of Facebook’s latest wild adventuresin alienating their userbase by announcing …

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3 thoughts on “The Facebook Reich

    1. There’s a subtle effect going on here. When Google + was launched people were screaming about it’d disregard for pivacy.
      Now Faceooks latest incursion into the Poland of our private lives has left some commentators parising Goolge for showing respoct for individual users private data.
      What next, Bill Gates’ dream of an internet enabled bog so the world can ‘share’ our toilet experiences?


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