Germany Tells America What It Needed To Be Told

Two of our recent posts from The Daily Stirrer:

Germany and America were squaring up for a head banging contest like two rutting stags on Tuesday night after Berlin savaged plans put forward tby Timoth Geithner, arcitecht of the Obama admisitrations loonytoons spend, borow and spend economic policy, which demanded the EU boost the rescue fund set up to bail out failing Euro zone nations as a “stupid idea” and told the White House to sort out its own mess before offering unrequested advice to others.

Germany Slams American Plans For Euro Rescue

Europe, the G20, and the global authorities are drinking in the last chance saloon to deploy a cliche, as they try to come up with a plan to contain the EMU debt crisis. The must come up with a workable solution or abdicate responsibility and watch as the world slides into depression, endangering the benign but fragile order that has taken shape over the last three decades. Failure to do so will result in collapse of the system as a Greek default on it’s debt.

Obama’s Sidekick Makes Europe Responsible For Saving The Global Economy.

2 thoughts on “Germany Tells America What It Needed To Be Told

  1. The yanks have always been high and mighty regarding its economic status – not so funny now, is it?
    Good on the krauts for telling ’em so.
    Shame the continually incompetent Greeks have contributed so much to the whole diabolical situation.
    They say “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. Just beware of Greeks.


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