Climate Teeters On The Edge Of The Abyss

On the day that Germany announced the Politically Correct Thought Police (Green Squad) have succeeded in finding a way to wreck Europe’s powerhouse economy and reduce the only solvent large nation in the EU to the kind of penury being experienced by the economic basket case PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain we hear that despite all the efforts of the weirdie beardies to bully us into going green, emissions are increasing. Despite all the billions of dollars, euros and pounds invested in crackpot schemes to turn lead into gold carbon into fertitliser or spent on ,jollies to exclusive resorts urgent summit conferences for scientists and politicians to discuss climate change we hear that according to the crooks and liars who warned of the carbon apocalypse, things are getting worse.

In spite of efforts to reduce emission by outsourcing carbon intensive manufacturing processes to China and the developing world introducing carbon caps and emissions trading schemes, we are getting nowhere.

Even the worst economic slump since …


5 thoughts on “Climate Teeters On The Edge Of The Abyss

  1. How can Europe expect climate change when the other half of the World is burning fossil fuels at an alarming rate. Tell an African or a Vietnamese peasant to put his fire out and he’ll tell you to put your nose up your arse!


    1. Now if they were to tell people to put their nose up someone else’s are they might get a better response.

      Although the humour of the reply is in the physical impossibility, there was a guy on britain’s Got Talent last night …………


    1. Well yeah, how prescient George W Bush was when he said “The American lifestyle is not up for negotiation”.
      Goes for the rest of the developed nations too.


      1. Sure, and I seem to remember discussing here a while back the mind-blowing and disturbingly realistic prospect of a time when every Chinese family has 2 cars on the go.
        This true perception of the nitty gritty third world reality makes the debate on whether C02 causes warming, or nay .. pretty irrelevant.


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