Children Are Being Given Chemical Cosh For Shyness

Children are being prescribed mind-altering “chemical cosh” drugs for conditions such as shyness and mild social anxiety, behaviour experts have warned. Young people are routinely being given medication to treat normal childhood conditions, it was claimed, despite fears over their long-term health.

The disclosure came as it emerged that the number of eight- to 13-year-olds on drugs such as Ritalin has soared seven-fold since 1997. In many cases, pupils are being put on medication amid fears from parents, teachers and doctors over a serious deterioration in their behaviour. But Dave Traxson, a senior educational psychologist who works in schools in the West Midlands, warned that normal childhood conditions like shyness…

read full report:Children Given Chemical Cosh For Shyness

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3 thoughts on “Children Are Being Given Chemical Cosh For Shyness

  1. I could write reams on this Ian, but doctors and psychologists who prescribe Ritalin and antidepressants to children are irresponsible and naive. Many children can be cured without these drugs. Just because little Johnny appears hyperactive does not mean that he cannot be helped in other ways. These are very powerful drugs and blunt a child’s perception of reality.


  2. There seems to be an idea that medical science can create a standard human. Even if it was possible it is not desirable.
    Unless we are all going to be issued with free jackboots of course.


  3. Children today have a lot of trials and difficulties both in the family and out of family. I noticed that even in America there are chilren who have mental disease such as depression.


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