Birthing Pains May Cripple Coalition

NHS Maternity services are near to collapse and care for mothers is worsening, a leading midwife warns in a vigourous polemic on the declining state of childbirth in hospitals.

Labour wards are struggling to ensure women get an appropriate quality of care under the “relentless pressure” of a record birth rate, staff shortages and increasingly complex births, says Cathy Warwick, general secretary of the Royal College of Midwives. (She does not mention the relentless pressure to prioritise paperwork imposed by bureaucratic management teams.)

Writing in the Observer, Warwick warns that the situation in maternity units is so grave the …

From The Daily Stirrer
Again we must say ‘we told you so’ having warned of this disaster in waiting in the maternity care departments of the National Health Service, in pre – Daily Stirrer days. Our predecessor Little Nicky Machiavelli wrote on this subject.

Once again however we are afraid we’ll see the coalition government getting the blame for the mess labour made during their dominance from 1997 to 2010. We don’t much care for the coalition or any other political grouping but at least let’s give them a chance. It seems unfair that people as obsessed with the word ‘fair’ as Labour leader Ed Milliband and other leading figures in the party are could blame the Conservative governments of 1979 to 97 for all the country’s ills right up to May 2010 but now accept no responsibility for their own incompetence and blame the new government for everything that is wrong with society after 13 years of Labour rule.

The breakdown in maternity care is not due to the coalition government’s planned public spending cuts which have not taken effect yet but are down to the financial idiocy of Labour minister from Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, architects of the disastrous PFI schemes that tip shitloads of taxpayers money from the public purse into private pockets, the insane growth of NHS bureaucracy at the expense of front line care and the slavish devotion of Labour to academics who have spent their lives cocooned in University faculties and are thus too divorced from reality to ever see the folly of making vocational occupations like nursing into degree – entry professions.

All this move achieved apart from getting people out of the employment market and therefore off the jobless figures for a few years was to fill hospital wards with mincing queens who strut around brandishing their degrees in nursing while showing absolutely zero understanding of human nature and running a mile when a job involving anything messy or smelly needs dealing with.

Read the story on NHS maternity at The Guardian …
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4 thoughts on “Birthing Pains May Cripple Coalition

  1. Someone I know works near an overstretched maternity unit in a major London hospital. As for ‘record birth rate’, he says they rarely have an indigenous English birth. Young Eastern European mothers are filling the wards for the greater part, apparently.


    1. I read an article on this yesterday Mike, it listed the top twenty problem maternity hospitals. They are all in areas with a high proportion of migrants.

      I was very surprised to see Boston, Lincs has the highest immigrant population, almost 1 in 4 I think it said.

      The sooner the Euro collapses and the EU gets back to being a simple free trade area the better.


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