A Must Read On Education

A must – read from Dick Puddlecoat. As the mumbling and grumbling goes on about the coalitions education reforms and the left’s pathological hatred of Michael Gove (he’s a twat but no more a twat than Lord Mandy) this blog identifies the real reason why education is failing. (Ignore the title – the article is ironic.:

from Dick Puddklecoat blog:
After yesterday’s immensely amusing Tory-ribbing fun, Lord Norton (a Tory, believe it or not) has provided me with further ammunition for future stirring of Tory-voting parents. There are reports that citizenship teaching in schools – it has been part of the national curriculum since 2002 – is under review and may possibly …
Conservatism Should Be Taught In Schools

4 thoughts on “A Must Read On Education

  1. There is no need to teach PSHE in schools. Some should be left to parents and the rest taught as part of the school’s mission. By this I mean a)building it into the schools rules, b)Providing events with guest speakers on caring for the body etc.; c) having weeks during the year such as Healthy living week and Dental Week, Anti- bullying week etc. and d)incorporating many topics into role play during assemblies and talks by senior staff at assembly.

    Some may disagree but at my school (up to year 7), it works.


    1. I think we should re-introduce the idea of part timers. My wife’s Mum attended school only half a day after 11, they went to work in a mill for a half shift.

      It didn’t make her a nice person but it taught her to fear authority :))


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