California Gay Marriage ruling kills democracy

An appeal court ruling in favour of Gay Rights Groups and Single Sex Marriage points the way to yet another constitutional crisis in U.S.A.

Oh well, Obama sems to enjoy creating one every week.

When an appeal court Judge who also happens to be a gay activist overturned a democratically approved law banning same sex marriage in the U.S. State of California it was hailed as a victory for gay rights and a defeat for religious prejudice. That may be so, but it is also a defeat for democracy, justice and sanity. Since when did the demands of minority ‘rights’ campaigners trump the will of the majority expressed through the ballot box?

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2 thoughts on “California Gay Marriage ruling kills democracy

  1. Blame it on Arnie! He probably has muscles in areas that would put a Bull to shame. The Terminator, I believe, is the main promoter of this law. Let no one say the Terminator has a gay gene in his body.

    He has banished all gays in California to Brighton!


    1. I have no problem myself with gays getting married, I don’t give a flying on what they do, what is alarming about ths story is the willingness of a judge to overturn a democatic vote.

      It signifys a big step from democracy towards oligarchy.

      We need a few terminators on our side.


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