Whatever Happened To The Oil Disaster In The Gulf

Little Nicky Machiavelli does not often write about fear and panic, that is Boggart Blog’s job. Even so we do get to report quite frequently on the exposure of another round of fear and panic as a fraud cooked up by governments, big business, scientists (they’re always in the thick of it) and the money men.

In the past few years since Little Nicky began his career as a blogger I and my confederates at Boggart Blog, The Daily Stirrer and elsewhere have reported on the Bird Flu panic, MRSA panic, Climate Armageddon panic, Volcano juice panic, Swine Flue paninc, toxic debt panic and a few others.

In each case the politicians, scientists, money men and those branches of business who saw an opportunity to profit from the outbreak of fear and panic among citizens, predicted the end of civilisation as we know it if people did not surrender the ability to think for themselves in exchange for being granted the safety and protection of a paternalistic, authoritarian ragime.

Most recent Armageddon scenario was the Gulf Of Mexico oil spill fear and panic. The oil leaking from the fractured well threatened a huge stretch of the U.S. coat with destruction it was claimed. Now this required people to not only stop thinking for themselves but also to stop thinking of the world in terms of a big football floating in space of which the USA is just one of the leather panels on the surface. The people who fell for it had to think of Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, Australia, Greenland and Antarctica as small islands off the east and west coasts of the USA.

Thus the spillage from one averaged sized oil well tapping into a smallish oil reservoir was set to flood the oceans with crude oil destroying life on earth. It was America’s greastest eco – disaster ever. So where has all that spilled oil gone now asks The Rational Optimist in an article titled The Oil Disappears From The Gulf

Accrording to the Panicmonger In Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, the oil spill that followed the blow out on BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig was an ecological disaster of Biblical proportions. And how did he know that? His friendly scientists told him of course. Let’s hope the U.S. electors remember how Obama has tried to politicise this issue when voting in the mid tern elections in November.

If he has been as bright as he thinks he is the President might have possessed the with to paraphrse Macbeth:

“Will all Neptunes great ocean wash clean
the oil from this my coast; or will this
my coast the monstrous seas incarnedine
making the green one black”

As usual Obama was ill informed and wrong. The spill was not the biggest the world’s oceans have ever known, not even the biggest in the Gulf Of Mexico (see our link below) Not a trace of the 1979 oil spill in the Gulf, bigger than the current one according to estimates, now remains and nobody remembers it.

Americans, particularly those who supported Obama just love mass hysteria so it was inevitable the spill would be inflated into an outbreak of fear and panic. Ironically the Obama supporters who prided themselves on being rational and not prone to the idiocies embraced by the religious right have shown they were actually loopier. They just needed a messiah who ticked all the politically correct boxes.

With Obama to lead them they have panicked about global warming, succumbed to swine flu hysteria and now quaked in fear of Oilmageddon as the panicmonger – in chief whipped up the frenzy and threw in a bit of Brit hating racism for good measure.

Xavier Connolly for The Daily Stirrer website predicted weeks ago, long before the well was capped, that micro organisms would take care of the oil as they had after that spill thirty years ago.

Read another point of view on the oil spill, environmental catastrophes and fear and panic in Was Tony Hayward Right After All (Daily Telegraph)

America’s Lame Duck Government

2 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To The Oil Disaster In The Gulf

  1. All quite correct but let’s put Obama’s panic into perspective: Did George W.neglect New Orleans or not? Yes he did. It took days for the lazy Bush to get into action. He will never be forgiven for the laxity he displayed. Mind you, give him his due–he went into Iraq with fools advising him and kept a cool head. An uninformed cold head!


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