Ed Balls Accuses Coalition OfSelection By Stealth

Labour leadership candidate Ed Balls has accused the Coalition of trying to reintroduce selection into the education system by stealth. He said the plan announced by schools minister Michael Gove would allow quasi – independent academies to choose brighter pupils.

The comprehensive education system has become one of the sacred cows of the “progressive left” in spite of its very obvious failure. The old Grammar School system only segregated on grounds of intelligence whereas the system now with its postcode lottery and the growth of private schools for the rich segregates on grounds of parental wealth, social class and geographic location. Intelligence does not enter the equation. So the selective way was more egalitarian, what are the leftie whiners on about. Are they afraid of losing their core vote if working class pupils are given a chance to raise their aspirations?

Read full story on Selection By Stealth

8 thoughts on “Ed Balls Accuses Coalition OfSelection By Stealth

  1. Yes. Shocking that kids are selected on level of academic intelligence rather than financial background or where they live. Absolutely shocking!

    [End Sarcasm]


    1. The full article (don’t know if you read it) explains more of the disadvantages of applying a one size fits all solution to thousands of individuals who develop different mindsets at different paces.


      1. Yeah. I sometimes wonder if I should have gone to a Grammar School, but my parents wanted to send me to the same school as my older sister.

        Then I think I might be just a late developer.


      2. I was an early developer, passed my exam will little difficulty, got the scholarship to the grammar then became an srsehole for the rest of my academic career. But that hasn’t held me back.

        Too much importance is placed on school. fatsally and I have both talked of our bother, totally disinterested in school at all levels but by far the most successful of us in business.

        And he knows how to throw a party.


      3. Yes. My Dad’s done very well for himself, considering he escaped school at 14 and went to work.

        Me, I’ve become more academic with age.


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