Debt and the Telephone Thugs

Bullying Telephone Debt Collectors

A little known consequence of the global financial crisis has been that the banks which own many of the major credit card brands, Barclaycard, MBNA, Goldfish, have bundled up bad debt and sold it on for about 10p in the pound to some pretty unpleasant people who are now contracting telephone bullies to recover as much asd they can. As the thuigs who run the debt collection services are paid on commission they have a huge incentive to screw as much as they can out of you by …
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4 thoughts on “Debt and the Telephone Thugs

  1. I’m regularly phoned by a debt collection agency in Scotland asking me about the whereabouts of previous occupants of neighbouring properties.

    I always tell them where to go…and it’s not Scotland.


  2. It’s not Norwich. Last lad who visited us looking for a neighbour was asked for his PI licence. Then I told him I had a tiny Samsung mobile that would fit quite nicely up his arse. Said lad slunk away when the 40 kg Clumber Spaniel started licking his fly.


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