NHS Nurses Bogged Down With Bureaucracy – Official

The labour government made a huge error in placing targets and statistics ahead of patient care in the NHS. Nurses complained they were spending more time bean counting than they were on patient care. Now Labour are screaming about the coalition’s proposed cuts in NHS budgets. But if the coalition get their plans right (big IF) the cuts will reduce numbers of managers and administrators, not nurses and front line staff.
Nurses Bogged Down By Bureaucracy

8 thoughts on “NHS Nurses Bogged Down With Bureaucracy – Official

  1. I firmly believe that is the ONE time in history where cuts in spending could actually deliver improved services for the public.

    IF as you say – they get it right – but they are politicians so the chances aren’t high 😦


  2. If they get their plans right, managers will go and nurses, doctors and secretaries will stay.

    Oh, did I mention there’s a new assistant manager waltzing around, while they cut my hours?!


    1. And you’re not even a nurse. You’d make a good one though, intelligent, caring, the only other essential quality is to be immune to the revolting nature of other people’s bodily secretions.

      I don’t know if you pass on that :))


      1. Yeah, my favourite nurse once told me I’d have made a brilliant nurse.
        “Apart from the fact I’m not gay,” I said looking into her lovely green eyes.
        “Not all male nurses are gay,” she told me.
        “Well there’s another problem,” I said, “it’s … you know…”
        “You can’t stand blood?”
        “No, I don’t mind blood so long as it’s someone else’s – it’s other stuff I find disgusting.”


  3. I suspect they won’t get it right though. Because those who make the decisions rarely use the services they decimate….
    And those who use the services are totally ignored anyway.


  4. I managed to ratttle a few cages after my nine months in hospital but a charity set up by like minded stroke survivors soon had its teeth drawn by the lottery funding committee and other quangos that hand out government money to “independent” charities.

    Charities that want to function as ginger groups need to be truly independent. Which is why the government does not want them to be independent.


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