The Sensible Party Must Oppose War On Free Speech

I’m a Liberal, always have been. Not a lib dem, not a “progressive liberal” but an ex member of that bunch of oddballs, weirdos, mavericks and tree huggers that always seemed to have the most sensible policies but never got any votes.

Yes, the people in the Monty Python election sketch who were the sensible party but got no votes at all.

What made me a liberal was a belief passed down by my ancestors in thinking for oneself and not being afraid to say out loud what one really thought.

Thus though I don’t suport UKIP I am appalled that one of their MEPs has been suspended for criticising the unelected head of EU foreign policy, Baroness Ashton.

Read what happened in Speaking With One Voice at Trixy’s blog. We blogged last year sometime before the EU elections on the proposal in front of the Europan Parliament to suspend members who opposed further integration of member states and erosion of national sovereignty.

How soon will we be blogging:
First they came for UKIP and I did not speak out…

Free Speech Is Under attack And Journalism Dead

3 thoughts on “The Sensible Party Must Oppose War On Free Speech

    1. What, like Gordon Brown David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

      I guess I’ve always been an anachist at heart but this is not about supporting UKIP its about resisting authoritarianism. Time you read 1984 again young lady 😉


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