SURPRISE! Senior Labour MP Says Lib Dems Must Vote Labour

The Labour Party has played a nasty undemocratic trick in every election for as long as anybody can remember. They spread fear and panic about the misery and hardship Conservative policies will cause and then warn supporters of the Liberal Democrats that by supporting their party of choice, the party that most closely reflects their views, in a democratic election they will let in the evil Conservatives to wreak havoc with everybody’s standard of living except that of the wealthy and privileged.

This time the task of spreading this wicked lie on behalf of the party of authoritarian control freakery is that permatanned piece of poo Peter Hain. Yes that’s right Hain, the shit who billed the taxpayers for his Sky TV subscription and a tree surgeon to ten his garden and has the nerve to call the Tories money grubbing scumbags.

I will be voting Lib Dem or Green even though in the constituency where I live my vote never means anything. I believe in democracy you see and democracy has nothing to do with being told how to vote by a scummy little creep who while he presents himself as a leftie is well to the right of Margaret Thatcher and every bit as self interested as those African Village Tyrants who shaft the west for billions in aid to feed their starving nations then stash the lot in their own Swiss bank accounts.

The Daily Stirrer would not presume to tell you how to vote. We will remind you however that every time we have had a Labour government, for all their talk of fairness and redistribution of wealth the rich do very well and the poor end up poorer

Think Lib Dem Vote Labour Says Hain Hain’s article here is hypocritical arse dribble. The comment thread is great though.

Labour supporters must vote Lib Dem says two faced twat Permatan Pete Hain

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