More Dishonesty On Jobs

More bad news on unemployment, and a bit personal this time as my son lost his job when the Littlewoods organisation announced the closure of three centres.

Things are so bad the government is reduced to trying to pretend unemplyment is falling because there were less NEW claimants in a period than in the previous one rather than less people unemployed overall. When unemployment is rising less quickly this cannot be interpreted as a fall in unemployment.

We truly are heading for The Jobless Economy as The Daily Stirrer predicted a couple of weeks ago.

They are pulling the same statistical trick across the pond too. In Obama’s State Of The Union Address (Obama, Jobs, new claims) Barry talked about new jobs created by his policies when all he really had achieved was to slow the rate of increase in unemployment.

2 thoughts on “More Dishonesty On Jobs

  1. I totally agree Ian. My son (a UK citizen). would like to go and work in Britain. I said ‘no chance’-better off staying in Egypt at home. Youngsters are treated like crap and offered jobs (if they’re lucky), of frying burgers in MacDonalds. Broon is not reducing unemployment at all.


    1. With all the thrust to get people into Universities on the pretence that a degree, any degree, is necessary for getting a decent job they don’t like to mention one in four graduates are unemployed or in temporary and part time work a year after graduating.

      McDonalds are the largest employer of graduates.


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