Public Photography Protest

Here’s a cause I hope some of you will be able to support.

People are gathering in Trafalgar Square this Saturday to take photographs of coppers, public buildings and other things the New Labour Nazis have banned British Citizens from taking photographs of.

Photo Fun: Mass Photography Of Terror protest

I can’t get to Lonodon but I will take photos of trains, buses, coppers, Accrington Town Hall (which is itself an act of archtectural terror) the motorway junction, a telephone box, the Revenue and Customs officees and anything else I am not allowed to take photographs of.


2 thoughts on “Public Photography Protest

  1. Mr W was taking photos outside Strangeways back in the 70s, and was firmly warned off by a copper even then. However, he did have a very close resemblance to one of the Bader Meinhof gang at the time, so perhaps that wasn’t surprising!

    Actually, I was quite surprised to hear a fairly senior cop talking on the radio a couple of weeks back, saying that it was usually more junior and untrained staff who didn’t fully understand the law who were doing it. As if Osama would be wandering round with a DSLR and a big lens on a tripod taking photos of Trafalgar Square. Where is common sense when you need it?


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