The War On Live Music

The War On Entertainment

Liberal Democrate Culture, Media and Sport spokesman Tim Clement Jones says Live Music Must Not Be Silenced Mr. Clement Jones is introducing a bill into Parliament that, in the unlikely event of its succeeding in becoming law would reverse some of the draconian measures in previous government licencing law reform that places prohibitive restrictions on small venues whishing to offer live entertainment. These laws, he claims, are preventing new performers and musicians from gaining the experience on which they can build a career.

For all Labour’s hypocritical posturing on the binge drinking culture we should remember it was they who changed licensing laws in favour of 24 hour drinking which not only made the lives of pub landlords harder but at the same time did a big favour for the profits of the Coporate Interests that owned pub chains and drinks manufacturers.

At the same time the Labour regime tightened up regulations on live music and entertainment venues. Well their corporate paymasters did not want anything to distract the binge drinkers from spending money on booze did they?

The Daily Stirrer

5 thoughts on “The War On Live Music

  1. The attitudes of this government to anyone enjoying themselves in any way that does not make the brewers rich is weird. Catholic Blair and Presbyterian Brown both seem to have a deep horror of anyone having any kind of fun, as that would make their heaven seem so dull by comparison, I suppose. Blair used to do this act of being photographed holding a half pint of beer, but did the prig ever drink it? As for Brown, if he has ever really smiled, nobody was round to photograph it.

    Sure they will let me stand up drinking beer as fast as I can straight from a dirty bottle for twenty four hours, but if I want to sip a little wine while quietly picking at my baglama (oh do stop sniggering, it;s a musical instrument), there are so many stupid rules that nobody in Greece would take me seriously if I told them about it.

    And if I fancy a little go with the arghile? Why that’s more dangerous than heroin….


      1. Wouldn’t dream of it Walrus, in fact if you had’t mentioned it I would not have noticed.

        My first run – ins with the Labour “progressive wing” (Thought Police was as a performance poet in the early 80s. They loved Johnny Carke because he had a Manky accent (affected actually) and attacked the Conservatives but would get on my back because I was middle class and wrote about things other than politics. These people thought while the working class should be pitied the rest of us must spend our leisure time supporting worthy causes, discussing politics (with ne’er a dissenting voice raised) or reading “improving” literature.

        Is it any wonder they are all miserable buggers?


      2. When I saw the Bard of Salford perform Psycle Sluts, I was converted for life.

        Motor cycle Michael
        Wants to buy a tank
        Only twenty-nine years old
        And he’s learning how to

        Some of Craig Charles’s early stuff came fairly close.

        I detest all those Marxist student types, have they not read Popper? Miserable buggers is being too kind to them. I should be able to collect their wasted lives for my own use…


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