Not All Climate Scientists Are Crooks And Liars.

Climatology, climete change science to use the fashionable term, is in disrepute and disarray right now. Those scientists who promised us they were all decicated seekers of truth who had no interest inpersonal reward wen they spread fear and panic about the threat of climate change are exposed as crooks and liars intent on making a quick zillion bucks from “Anthopogenic Global Warming” fear and panic.

Dr Richard North has been fighting a one man campaign against the corruption in the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change, a campaign that aims to expose the links between Rajendra Pachauri, the chair of that international quango and many of the large companies that will make vast profits from climate change capitalism should Dr. Pachauri’s policy recommendations be implemented.

Hang on you shout, throwing up your hands in horror, there is, is there not, a conflict of interest there. Of course there is, the whole climate change business is crooked as Little Nicky Machiavelli and his new mates at The Daily Stirrer have been telling you for years.

Read Dr. North’s latest blog post on the subject at Wolf Howling. Here he excoriates Pachauri and reveals all sorts of commercial entanglements each one of which should have disqualified Dr. Pachauri from holding an office in which he could influence international policy (and the spending of £££hundredsofbillions in taxpayers money)

Dr. North is not the only one saying “Follow The Money” if you want to get to the truth about climate change. The Daily Stirrer has been on the case of Pachauri and his sticky fingered buddies too.

Ten $ Ten

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