The Future Is Cancelled

After taking a few days to digest Chancellor Darling’s Pre Budget Report (and not much else as I have been a tad off colour – and that’s not just the humour on Boggart Blog – I have found that all the optimism and “recovery is just around the corner bullshit is just Labour spin.

What has happened in the bond markets since the PBR exposed our darling Chancellor’s borrowing plans to reinflate the economic bubble with debt shows we are totally up shit creek.

Any signs of movement in the UK economy merely show it is turning into a zombie.

The Future Is Cancelled

Follow our debt crisis round up at Greenteeth Labyrinth

3 thoughts on “The Future Is Cancelled

    1. Economically I’m socialist, socially I’m liberal and libertarian so I agree but as I’ve always suspected the Labour middle class do – gooder tendency of harbouring authoritarian instincts where the party has ended up does not surprise me.


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