Litle Nicky Becomes An ex-Guardian Reader

Newspaper circulation figures for November 2009 showed a decline for all the quality newspapers but the sharpest decline for my paper of choice for 35 years, The Guardian.
As I want people at the Guardian to know why I quit and why I suspect thousands each month are dumping them I had to post this comment on the story:

The Guardian may have declined sharply because of its decision to cease distributing bulks as you say, but my decision to cancel my regular order was based on my reluctance to pay a pound a day for what has become the propaganda sheet of The Politically Correct Thought Police. I’m old Liberal not New Labour and I will make up my own mind on the issues. When a paper starts mixing opinion with news reporting it cannot claim objectivity.

Perhaps the managers of Guardian Media Group need to spend some time reading the Baghavad Gita. “Abandon objectivity and you become addicted, become addicted and you lose your essential intelligence.”

I suspect many other ex Guardian Readers have come to similar decisions for the same reasons.

Guardian Circulation Falls


Copenhagen Stink Of Corruption

6 thoughts on “Litle Nicky Becomes An ex-Guardian Reader

      1. I can’t stand the bourgeois angst šŸ™‚

        For example: “Oh woe, woe, what can we do for those thirty million poor people living on mud banks in the Ganges Delta? We must bring them all here to Britain so they can live with us, enrich our culture and boost our economy.”

        Yeah right. Like we haven’t got enough people already. I’d suggest sending condoms but with 165 million people living in an area smaller than England it’s probably too late.

        Actually that “you must come anbd live in our house” line reminds me a lot of an exchange between Pooh and Piglet – which says a lot about the inteelectual maturity of Guardian Thought Police opinion makers.


  1. You should read the Daily Mail like me – that paper has no agenda at all – except whatever will stir people up the most and sell papers šŸ˜‰

    It’s hilarious to watch the almost Twister like game it ties itself into – having one opinion one day and the totally opposite view the next – depending on what gets the most comments turning up under the articles online.

    Sometimes it has opposite views on the same issues simultaneously in different geographical areas!


  2. Ah well you live abroad. When outside Britain I read whatever I can get my hands on – even The Current Bun.

    In Lanzarote one winter we had that Sunday Sport issue that feartured the “London Bus found on the Moon” story.

    Fatsally who nis a newsagent and therefore sees all the papers love “image of Jesus found on a pancake” or “Elvis manfests himself in a slice of toast” stories.


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