Copenhagen Climate Conference Stink Of Corruption

So everything is hunky dory in wonderful Copenhagen, Gordon Brown and Barack Obajma and their mates helped by those altrustic scientists are saving the world by devising a calalytic converter to fit to chimneys and creating a cap and trade system to let us all but and sell carbon allowances.

If you read the manstream media you would think the problem is sorted.

What if Little Nicky were to tell you evil United Nations Science Advisors withe business links to the biggest corporate polluters in the world are helping their billionaire buddies to make £$£$billions out of carbon trading.

And what if Little Nicky were to leak the information that one of the biggest profiteers from carbon tradings to date is none other than Al Gore, the world’s greatest climate change campaigner.

A conflict of interest? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Take a lok at:

Copenhagen Climate Conference: The Stink Of Shit And Corruption.

You will never again trust anyone who says they are trying to help, EVER.

Little Nicky Machiavelli now writes for The Daily Stirrer

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