What Do The Bilderberg Bastards Have To Hide?

One of the most important meetings in the world, The Bilderberg Group, took place over 6 days up to the 18 May. This group comprised of the world’s leading politicians and businessmen and financiers meets annually but little is known and even less reported of what goes on. Why is that do you think? And why is the meeting’s venue surrounded by a level of security that makes the inauguration of a United States President look like a church coffee morning? The lack of openness, the paranoid suppression of news reporting and the heavy handed treatment of the few journalists who have got past the security suggest if we knew more about Bilderberg we would not like it. We must find out more.

Read full article with links to stuff by long term Bilderberg watchers at The Daily Stirrer post Bilderberg Bastards

3 thoughts on “What Do The Bilderberg Bastards Have To Hide?

  1. The 2009 Bilderberg Group Conference was be held at the five-star Nafsika Astir Palace Hotel in Vouliagmeni, Greece, May 14-17, according to my spies.

    My insider is the world foremost investigative authority on this annual secretive and exclusive assembly, having investigated and infiltrated their meetings for over ten years.

    Here are a few of the talking points and concerns from this year’s meeting:

    *The future of the US dollar and US economy: The plan is for the Bilderberg Group players, through their allies in Washington and Wall Street to continue to deceive millions of savers and investors who believe the hype about the supposed up-turn in the economy.

    They are about to be set up for massive losses and searing financial pain in the months ahead. The bank “stress tests” now being conducted by Washington are little more than a shameless hoax: Based on the irrational assumption that the economy won’t get as bad as it already is!

    *US unemployment: Solutions and assumptions (Stated as such in the pre-meeting booklet sent out to attendees.) Bilderberg is quietly assuming that US unemployment numbers will hover around 14% by the end of this year, far higher than the official numbers released by the US government.

    *Depression or a prolonged stagnation? (Stated as such in the pre-meeting booklet sent out to attendees.) Bilderberg is looking at two options: Either a prolonged, agonizing depression that dooms the world to decades of stagnation, decline, and poverty … or an intense-but-shorter depression that paves the way for a new sustainable economic world order, with less sovereignty but more efficiency.

    *There will be a final push for the enactment of Lisbon Treaty, pending on Irish voting YES on the treaty in Sept or October. One of their concerns is addressing and neutralizing the anti-Lisbon treaty movement called “Libertas” led by Declan Ganley. One of the Bilderberger planned moves is to use a whispering campaign in the US media suggested that Ganley is being funded by arms dealers in the US linked to the US military.

    Very US orientated don’t you think?

    Wonder who really controls the world?



  2. e vote NO!
    The Lisbon Treaty is an attempt to establish a European superstate without asking Europeans for their permission. The approval of the Treaty of Lisbon will mean the transfer of the remainder of the decision-making power of European capitals to Brussels, where far away from us all a bureaucratic machine will decide our fates. The approval of the Treaty of Lisbon will mean a change for the worse, which will affect all of us. The Treaty of Lisbon, previously known as the European Constitution, was already voted on in France and the Netherlands, where the public voted a resounding NO. Then, the content of this document was apparently altered, but by less than a percent while, first and foremost, its name was altered to shove it down the throats of European nations. Only the fully democratic society of Ireland was given the opportunity to vote on the Treaty. The Irish also gave it a clear NO, but the European elite disregarded the vote and opted to bomb the Irish with propaganda, and to force them to re-vote on this defective document, a clear violation of all accepted democratic procedures and principles. This document was already rejected three times in separate democratic votes and, despite this, it is being forced upon Ireland, using economic blackmail, various forms of coercion and propaganda.

    The European Union spends over 2 billion Euros annually on Propaganda. One shouldn’t then be surprised at the massive pro-EU advertising campaigns, which remain unanswered and without rebuttal by society.

    Free people and free nations cannot accede to such undemocratic coercion.

    We, Polish bloggers who acutely follow European politics, have decided to join our fellow Irish bloggers to appeal to the Irish public to vote against the Treaty of Lisbon. A NO vote is not only a vote against the numerous pitfalls of the Treaty, but is also a vote against the methods used to bring it to life.

    We thus appeal to the Irish to once again vote NO.
    Vote NO in the referendum.
    Vote NO for your own sake, vote NO for ours!


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