The World’s Greatest Conspiracy Theory.

It must be the world’s greatest conspiracy theory. Is there any substance in it? Take a look and decide for yourselves.

US Flu vaccine contaminated with a deadly virus.

The great thing about conspiracy theories, blogging and tabloid journalism of course is that if the world domination scheme does not come to fruition the theorist / blogger / journo can say “by breaking the story we frigtened them off,” And if it does happen we can say “told you so,” just before the men in black uniforms and jackboots march us off to be shot.

6 thoughts on “The World’s Greatest Conspiracy Theory.

    1. Same sort of thing Ros, in Stalinist Russia dissidents were certified insane and banged up in Gulags.

      Problem is when you travel to extremes of left and right they are very close together.


      1. Funnily, I had noticed that. 🙂 Probably the political compass is so popular, because it reflects better where exactly people stand politically.


      2. Yeah, the American non-religious right favour a pretty loopy kind of libertarianism but I find them easier to get on with than the Obamabots who take the Thatcherite / NuLab line: There is only one way of looking at the problem so anyone who doesn’t understand we are right is an enemy of the state.

        I’m economically liberal/socialist (not anti business but pro sensible regulation and social responsibility) socially liberal (I respect the right of Muslims to practice and promote their religion so long as they respect my right to mock their comedy beards) and failrly right wing on law and order (anyone who keys my new car deserves to be hung, drawn and quartered)

        So I’m not “on message” then unless the message is that of Hypatia of Alexandria, “Always think for yourself, it is better to think and be wrong than not think.”

        On the othrer hand if you visit The Daily Stirrer you will not see a true reflection of my views. (but don’t go til tomorrow, its just a spin on that Citizen Wells conspiracy theory at the moment) Just as when my Dad worked on The Express most of the journos voted Labour or Liberal, the writing in The Stirrer is designed to be controversial and provocative rather than a reflection of deply held political beliefs. Journalistic integrity comes to blogland :))


      3. Like I guy who went to my Uni – fairly right wing religiously, but leftie on economic and social responsibility issues. Jenni thought his views were “interesting”, but I didn’t think they were particularly contradictory.


      4. Absolutely not. The Politically Correct Thought Police do not really understand “diversity.” We don’t need multiculturalism, we can be very diverse within ourselves.


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