Rip Off, Kit Off and Easter

You’re being fleeced in the biggest, weirdest rip off yet.
George Monbiot explains how the government in spite of all its high minded talk about climate change is using PFI schemes to sell out the environmenent to the interests of private profit.

Want To be A Nude Cleaner
Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman my piously wring her hands about the plight of women coerced into prostitution but al the time the government is getting itself involved in the sex – for – profit industry.

The real debate about Easter
A follow up to yesterdays article from Madeline Bunting on the stridency of the New Atheists.

New Feature from Greenteeth World Domiation plc
The Daily Stirrer

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Greenteth Multi Media
Greenteeth Comedy Pages
A Tale Told By An Idiot

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