As prospects for paid employment become even more remote even for those who have invested three years of their lives and run up enormous depts to obtain a University degree it seems Labours education policies have failed. Education, education, education said Tony Blair on assuming power in 1997. Blair promised New Labour’s education reforms would make University education with its attendant advantages more accessible to children of poor homes who were prepared to invest three years of their lives and run up crippling debts by taking on student loans. So why are graduates finding it harder than ever to get paid work?

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No Jobs For The Masses
Only wealthy graduates can afford to work under Labour’s elitist education policies

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  1. Another thing that annoys me is that student loans were advertised as being interest free – they are not. And the loan that began as ¬£15K spirals rapidly as time goes by… and still no sign of jobs in my part of the world.


  2. Howdo old friend, Well yet another bLiar failure to add to the list, topped by over 1,000,000 slaughtered in Iraq, about 4 million refugees and a land littered with DU dust sold to gullible idiots on the back of a pack of lies.

    Foreign policy, education, pensions, health.

    Not that he gives a damn of course collecting his $1m blood money prize (about 90 cents for each person he killed) from Israyhell.

    And as for Garden Broom and Cocaine Cameron, geeez… What not even the illusory hope of an improvement for then next X amount of years.

    But the Brits cant say they weren’t warned!!


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