The Academic Thugs

I’ve had a few run ins with people I refer to as “boy-scientists” (people whose enthusiasm for all things scientific overwhelms their ability to see things in the correct perspective) here though I do restrain myself because people tend to form the impression that I am anti – science and nothing could be further from the truth.

All we need to remember is that a science is a formal and classified body of knowledge. What I object to is the attitude of people who talk about “scientific methodology” and the “scientific way of thinking” as if parrotting these cliches makes a person’s opinion worth more that that of somebody who says “well that’s how it seems to me, based on my experiences.”

Now OK, I admit I go out of my way to provoke the boy-scientists and get them to reveal that their attitude stems from a deeply held belief that a certain kind of education makes one superior to people who followed a different path. As Oscar Wilde said, “Nothing worth knowing can possibly be taught.”

I am not the only one who feels there is a concerted attempt to create a new academic elite to replace the old aristocracy. In the USA the trend has even been spotted in the election campaign. Here’s an interesting article from Pajamas Media (their spelling) on a particularly warped theory expounded by liberal academics and is gaining currency.

It concerns Barak Obama’s stated intention to change the U.S. Constitution so that rather than all people being equal before the law, the courts are bound to favour “the weak against the strong.”

Yeah, you read that right.

Whining Academics

2 thoughts on “The Academic Thugs

  1. Although I don’t know what’s worse, “all whites are inherently racist” or “Joe’s is endowed with reason by his Creator”.

    OK, I know the point of these posts are that Obama’s the arsehole who’s not so obvious but it’s like trying to decide if white is the lightest shade or if white is.

    It’s at times like this I’m reminded that, despite everything I hate about this country, I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I mean, there are things left to like and I’m not actively afraid of this government.


    1. This is the thing Paul, for all its faults we still have the best country in the world. We are increasingly under pressure it seems to compensate for the wrongs done by our predecessors. I accept anybody as my equal but cannot ever accept that some are more equal than others.

      When Blair was talking about apologising to “Africa” on our behalf for slavery I blogged about the slavery (by another name) imposed on the British peasants forced off their lands by the eighteeth century enclosures of common land and how they were forced into the towns where they could choose betwee starvation or becoming indentured labourers. Until the Master and Servant Act in the 1830s employers could sack workers without notice, cut or increase hours and wages and do more or less what they liked. Workers on the other hand had no rights at all and could not even quit their job without the bosses agreement.


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