The Obamessiah’s plan for free healthcare

Not a post that concerns UK readers but it amuses me to post blogs critical of Obama just to see how quickly some little Obamabot will turn up (one of his Fast Action Response Team – sorry I mean Vapid Rebuttal Squad maybe – to tell me I’m an evil person and that The Obamessiah is the anointed of God, he walks on water and his farts smell of perfume.

Tell a lie big enough and often enough and it will become true. Adolf Hitler said something close to that. Keep it in mind.

A phrase that is the basis of The Obamessiah’s misrepresentation’s, lies and deceptions about European health care systems holds that Britain, Canada and European nations benefited not just from their universal health care systems, but from being societies in which health care is rightly regarded as a human right

I have always found American right wing complaints that Sen. Obama is a socialist risible but the tone of the campaign makes me aware of some similarities with one European Socialist party of the 20th century, the National Socialists. Consider the messianic persona the candidate has adopted, the ruthless management of media to suppress criticism and the manipulation of information in a way that creates hysteria among followers.

But let’s look at the healthcare issue.

Healthcare is not a basic human right, access to healthcare is. Healthcare in Europe is not free, it is free at the point of delivery because of state run health insurance systems. In Britain our National Insurance contributions are a ring fenced tax, part of which funds the “free at the point of delivery” healthcare you take for granted but do not understand. Those of us who earn enough pay (and most of us are happy to) this tax to provide both ourselves and the less well off on whose work we often depend for essential services, with healthcare, unemployment and sickness benefits and pensions.

If The Obamessiah was capable of telling the truth about anything he would be admitting that the taxes paid by every American earning above minimum wage would rise by at least ten per cent to fund his healthcare plans alone. Try selling that to Joe the Plumber.

Obama is not a socialist, his policies and campaign style reveal his is closer to the philosophy of the National Socialists. With McCain as the only alternative America is truly up shit creek. We socialist Europeans are willing to fund a Universal Healthcare System because we know that a serious illness could bankrupt a family, result in the loss of the family home, devastation of savings and investments and because of the limitations of private healthcare insurance leave patients not only ill but impoverished. National healthcare provides care according to need but it sure as hell ain’t free.

Read this blog from an Obama supporting American and see how skewed a view of reality The Obamessiah is giving his followers.
US healthcare in the election

2 thoughts on “The Obamessiah’s plan for free healthcare

    1. I wouldn’t say sharp exactly.

      But whatch out for more on Mr Obama. I’m expecting him to fall flat on his face any day now as several issues are about to be aired in the mainstream media.

      You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time etc.


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