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I will get back to regular posts on Little Nicky Machiavelli’s blog, I promise. Sometime, just don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile take a look at a few of these interesting items:

Could Barak Obama be about to lose the election before poling day. Hillary Clinton supporting Lawyer Philip Berg has filed a court application seeking an injunction to prevent Obama’s being a candidate on grounds he is not American. rread the details of
Berg vs Obama and decide for yourselves if the allegations that (a) Obama was born in Kenya and has been living in the USA on a forged birthb certificate and (b) that even if his Keyan birth cannot be proved, he lost US Citizenship on being adopted by his Indonesian stepdad.

If only Obama’s dear old Mum, Stanley Anne Durham could have kept her knickers on around foreign guys, he’d be home and hosed now.

A popular history of history A history academic complains about the lack of academic rigour in “pop history”. What a pity one of his fellow academicians who was advisor on the recent bollocks of a series Bonekickers recently published a pice of “academic work” so rigourous it identified The Druids as worshippers of an Anglo Saxon minor god.

Kill all academics before they make comedy bloggers redundant.

Foreigners make The best Food says Michele hanson of The Guardian. Nah then lads,wheer ah come fra’ that’s fightin’ talk. Effing ignorant southerners.

(Michelle) Obama in Denver, Barry in trouble. The Democrats are starting to realise just how much trouble Barak Obama’s campaign is in. Is it too late to save him or dump him?
Here’s a link to another article on the same theme.
Democrat Pundit Predicts Obama Will Lose Well if by choosing a nomark the Democrats have handed America to the Republicans for another four years, we’ll never forgive them.

The People Who Will Decide The US Election. Excellent humour from the Onion defines thev 430 new demographics that will decide the U.S. election.
Would you have guessed that Obama leads by 99% among gay Dads while among wooodwork business owning brothers McCain leads by 81%?

And while we are doing video here’s one on The Obamessiah from The Nose On Your Face

and finally

Its a cool cool summer

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