Abandon The South – Tory Boy Think Tanks Report Backfires

A few days ago a Tory – Boy Think Tank released a report of stupendous and stunning stupidity that suggested we should all abandon our homes in the cities and towns of the beautiful north because is was….well….the better in every way than the south. We ought to move to the scummy south brayed the Tory Boys in a tone reminiscent of Harry Enfield at his funniest or Margaret Thatcher at her most rabid.
Well it has rebounded on them with a vengance with the publication today of a study on coastal erosion witch suggests large tracts or land in “desirable locations” around the South Coast should be abandoned. The waterlevels will rise as the ice caps melt and the land is tilting, the south-east sinking into the Atlantic as the north rises. It is climate change plus geophysics, a double whammy.

Britain’s crumbling coast

So really it is not the north that is failing but the south that is sinking. And far from abandoning our northern homes we should raise the baccricades, take up our pitchforks and cudgels and prepare to resist an invasion of greedy, humourless, property obessessed, demi-francaise, Tories. They’ll play havoc with the value of our property you know, forcing up prices until we can’t afford to heat our homes or buy our pie and chips.

The publication of the think tank report shows that despite Cameron’s attempts at cuddliness, the Tories are still Thatchers party, braying, witless clowns with delusions of adequacy. We must never forget that.

10 thoughts on “Abandon The South – Tory Boy Think Tanks Report Backfires

  1. Surely no one could be worse than yellowbelly Brownpants, Ian.
    Cameron at least has some albeit toothless & watered-down ideas. He wouldn’t dare go down Thatcher bitch road…. would he?
    Only hope for Labour is to veer sharply to the left ( or pretend to) -and deliver.

    But the ’08 English political cross-party scene is definitely Hobson’s choice on bastard wheels for the electorate at the moment.

    And just to think, the better option may be for the national flock to herd further north than north – up into farmer Alex’s cold, sodden & windswept tartan fold.
    In fact that’s exactly what’s happening… Scottish house prices bucking the national trend.

    Sad f***ing state of affairs all round innit.


    1. Blair and Brown went further along Thatcher’s road than either she or any subsequent Tory leader would dare.

      But as for political cross dressing, I’m starting a “vote for the nutter” campaign to support fringe candidates. There were enough nutters in Crewe, haltemprice and Glasgow East to put up a Stark Raving Binkers Candidate in almost every constiuency.


  2. “Cameron at least has some…ideas” – A banana has better ideas, as does a boulder. Cocaine Cameron is crap. Brown(stuff)? – pants also! Politicis is a sham and only serves the few. Vote Monstor Raving Loony embarass these terrible crooks and crims squatting in the palace of Westminster. The only question is really, can you embarass soulless heartless robots or not?


      1. He’s right Ruby. Did I once read that you work for The Grauniad or was that someone else. If my memory is correct then you must have seen an atricle this week about call centre culture. Nobody is allowed to deviate from the script and the script is all about never giving a straight answer.


  3. Hi Ian.
    Actually I love politics and that’s part of the problem… the level of politics (al)practices by this current bunch of moronic bozo’s is painful to see. We need a purge I think.


    1. We need.. (dramatic chords)…an Inquisition

      “Are you or have you ever been a member of a Think Tank, tighten the thumbscrew Cardinal Torquemada, I repeat have you ever worked for a Think Tank?


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