So they say race is not going to be an issue in the U.S. Election.

Everybody knows what is happening, nobody is prepared to admit they know what is happening. The American election will all come down to the race issue.

Last wek barak Obama said the Republicans would try to scare the electorate by pointing out that Obama does not look like the other Presidents pictured on the dollar bills. Now McCain has never said this and nor has anybody representing his campaign (they don’t need to, America’s right wing are racist enough to work it out for themselves)

In response McCain accused Obama and his campaign managers of playing the race card. Obama’s people responded to that by saying McCain’s whole campaign was racist. That may seem ridiculous to we British, but we are looking at a country where some people would accused you of racism if you mentioned you ate Fried Chicken for lunch.

McCain accuses Obama of playing the racecard. Obama accuses McCain of being a politician

Now Obama has had to backtrack and admit McCain was not racist. Remember it was not McCain who made the crack about the pictures of dead Presidents on the dollar bills, it was Barak Obama who said that McCain was going to say that. So by way of a non-apology Obama now says McCain was nor racist but was cynical. A cynical politician, now there’s a first.

It all sounds like a case of the pot calling the kettle………..erm……..a cynical racist to me.

4 thoughts on “So they say race is not going to be an issue in the U.S. Election.

  1. I have also heard that petrol is coming down to 5p a litre and that Gordon brown is going to tell the truth during the next PM question time…and tony Blair is going to admit he was wrong about….well….everything|-|


    1. But Blair was not wrong about everything, he didn’t go public on the information but in a masterly piece of timing he got out and put Gordon in the line of fire just before the shit hit the fan.


  2. Its so obvious that the Americans will never got to grips with the colour thing, when they insist on confusing everyone by calling pink people white and brown people black.

    The Chinese have no such problems – all non-Chinese are “Ghosts”. 🙂


    1. A black American asked me last week what the polite reference was in the UK, she’s 82 and in her life has been “a goddam nigger” (her words not mine,) darkie, coloured, black, Afro-Caribbean, and now African American.

      Wise lady though, she said she doesn’t really mind what people call her so long as it is said without malice.

      I told her I have always felt uncomfortable with “black” as nobody is and its a short, strong word, easy to spit out forcefully. I try to find out what nationality people are and refer to that. Thus I find myself calling most people of African ethnicity living here “English.”

      I like the Chinese approach, it sort of says “if you’re not one of us you’re not human.” That may be racist but at keast they are fair about it, we’re all the same to them.


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