Thatcher’s Wretched Revolution

Following the ripple of adoration from he fans following the proposal that Margaret Thatcher be given a state funeral, a tsunami of truth is now building as writers and bloogers jostle to debunk the Thatcher myth and put the truth oif her dismal politics of greed and selfishness in perspective.

Here’s one of the best I’ve seen so far: Thatcher’s Wretched Revolution

The usual mantra from the ex-Essex boys is that “Britain needed Maggie.”

In fact Britain needed Thatcher’s warped, money worshipping government in the 1980s like it needed The Black Plague in the fourteenth century.

7 thoughts on “Thatcher’s Wretched Revolution

    1. There are people in this country who think Stalin was a hero, it’s not a stretch to think the Sun reading troglodites would worship her given the number that probably think Enoch Powell should have been knighted. After all, they read a paper which will quite happily just make shit up, usually about muslims these days.

      Of course, Frankie Boyle was all for having it in Scotland; “We’ll do it for free! Give everyone a spade and we’ll dig a hole so deep we’ll be able to hand her over to Satan ourselves.”


    1. The only state funeral Blair will get is a paupers burial after his wife has fleeced him of all his ill gotten gains and spent the money on nutty therapists.


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