Today’s Blog Roundup

Cameron Opens The Door For Tory Tax Rises Raising taxes is abhorrent to the Conservatives but whilr Brown’s Labour party keeps trying to kid us the economy is in good shape, the Conservative, much as I hate to say it, are showing enough nous to accept we’re up shit creek and heading from a major recession.

Why are traditional Republicans suddenly starting to look moderate. Could the Blair effect be setting in. As Obama lurches to the right chasing Conservatives votes, mainstream Republicans start to look liberal.

John McCain once called for a respectful campaign. But now, according to Obama’s supporters the Republicans are starting to fight dirty. Is this true or just another example of Barak Obama’s whining

Crooks and Liars – smear and counter smear As McCain and Obama attack each others position on Afghanistan are they aware they are both saying much the same thing – and are both completely wrong. The Afghans have never lost a war, they simply kep moving the centre of the confict to new, more hostile terrain.

Obama Spokeswoman hits at McCain’s New Afghan Strategy

Obama’s Missing Sense Of Humour

Ban The Word “Chav”
I love The Guardian but unfortunately the editors do have this tendency to let Politically Correct twats comment on stuff they just do not understand.

Are Britain’s Libel Laws A Threat To Democracy? asks George Monbiot. Not if you know how to play the games says Little Nicky Machiavelli, but we will return to that topic.

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