Tony Soprano For President

A long time ago Little Nicky told you that Barak Obama’s association with Chicago mobster would prove his undoing.

American friends who were being sucked into the Obama hysteria told me angrily there was no substance in the allegations and if there ever had been did i not think the Republican Party would be using it?

Well no, the Republicans, no matter how much we destest their politics are smart political operators. If they could keep something like that up their sleeve until Obama was confirmed as the nominee, they would keep it up their sleeve. To fight Obama was always preferable to going head to head with Hillary Clinton but to let Obama be carried to the nomination on a tide of political correctness and middle class guilt tripping, then discredit him would damage the Democrats for decades ahead.

So take a look at this advertisement put together by the Republican Party campaign office.

Barak Obama and his bezzie the mobster Tony Rezko

And now a look at how Obama’s attempts to turn the Democrats convention into a pastiche of a religious revivalist meeting are alienating traditional Democratic Party supporters.

6 thoughts on “Tony Soprano For President

  1. Well, what a surprise. I have been trying to get people to look seriously at Obama for some time: he clearly lied about his relatives’ past military service when he was courting the veterans and Jewish vote in the last few weeks of the nomination fight. It may have seemed minor but it was a very revealing episode where his personal integrity was concerned. He also unthinkingly stole a very hawkish policy position on NATOs involvement in Afghanistan during the campaign, one which was quite insulting to allies with combat troops in the field. This made me wonder if he will really be that surefooted in his diplomatic efforts or able to deliver the better relationships Europe is hoping for from a change from the Bush presidency.


    1. Then there was the incident when he spoke of his father taking him to see Martin Luther King leading a civil rights protest. Well the protest did happen and Martin Luther King did speak – problem is it all took place two years before Obama was born.

      Obama nut in America have accused me of supporting the Republicans but that is just silly. As so often in the past the Democrats have been sucked into a wave of hysteria over a candidate who has little realistic chance of winning.

      those of us outside America who want to see the back of the Republicans can only sound the alarm.


  2. Well, mebbe over in de UK you have lower standards for what constitutes a “mobster”, but as a Chicago, IL resident, I can tell you…Tony Rezko may be a backroom power broker, and maybe some of the stuff he orchestrated was illegal…but he’s no mobster. And Obama’s connection to him is tenuous, at best.

    Oh, and what’s with you Eurodopes putting the numbers in the date backwards?


    1. Mike,
      Yeah, yeah, yeah, YAWN.
      Rezko is a mobster, and the video I linked to was posted on a US website.
      barak Obama is the New Messiah, he walks on damp grass and leaps small buildings at a single bound and his farts smell of perfume. Elect him and he will lead the sick, heal the poor and feed the blind.
      BTW not sure what your point is about dates but the traditional way of expressing dates in numbers 21 / 6 / 2008 has been used since the adoption of the Gregorian calendar while the reversed date 08 / 6 / 21 was a British innovation to enable mechanical (and later digital) counting devices could sort dates into ascending or descending numerical order. Either are legitmate but you Americans decide you’re going to do it one way so that must be the right way and every one else is wrong.

      That attitude is wy everybody hates you of course, that and the fact that you are a bunch of cunts.

      BTW you wanna get rich? Bet your life savings on John McCain becoming President. That neo-con “Goat Boy” Obama hasn’t a chance. I’m a socialist, I know about these things.


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