As The Housing Crisis Deepens Is This An Answer?

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A home run for housing
Liberal Democrats finance spokesman Vince Cable suggests a policy aimed at reminding people houses are homes to live in not investments to be bought and sold for profit would be a positive move. The idea is that as repossessions increase in number, funds that have been locked for years are released to enable Housing Associations and other social housing organisations to buy the properties from mortgage providers, enabling people who were mis-sold mortgages they could not afford to remain in their homes as tenants.

Cable is, as far as I am aware, the first promient politician to say we must rid our society ofd this obsession with the fallacy that owning property makes us rich or “middle class,” and talk for reminding people that houses are not investments to be traded and there is no real stigma in renting one’s home.

Could this be the first positive step towards repairing the society Thatcher trashed so deliberately and disastrously and Blair pulverised.

4 thoughts on “As The Housing Crisis Deepens Is This An Answer?

  1. Nice post Ian
    When prices are high they pretend to worry about the first time buyer when they drop, fuck the first time buyer thats my investment up the swanny.

    Cable is one of the better ones as was Charles Kennedy it’s refreshing to hear someone say what they think instead of looking over their shoulder.


    1. The politics of never upsetting anyone has gone too far. Bu sh didn’t care who he pissed off and he got powrer for eight years. Barak Obama whom I don’t like but anyone would be better that another republican, risks blowing it because he has adopted the Blairite approach of telling everybody what they want to hear.

      We need more abrasive bastards in Politics.


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