Wasting Our Talent

Every now and again I see an aricle written by someone who thinks they are a real smartarse that displays such a total lack of awareness of the realities of life I just find myself thinking “is the purpose of higher eduation to take bright people and turn them into fuckwits?”

Such and article was Talent Going To Waste an irrational whine from a writer on the hand wringing, wailing and gnashing of teeth extreme of the woolly brained left.

This article bemoaned the fact that immigrants with good degrees from Universities in their homeland are unable to find employment related to their degree subject in this country and are having to work as shelf stackers, burger – flippers and office cleaners.

The writer berated British society for this terrible waste of talent and for treating these people so disrespectully.


There are plenty of English people, including my daughter and a couple of her friends, who have excellent degrees from good Universities and yet cannot get employment related to their specialist subject. This is not because of institutionalised racism or any other kind of bollocks the Political Correctness Police like to bang on about. It is because of the failure of the lunacies of free market economics.

Ireland’s No To More EU Bureaucracy

I noticed the Irish PM’s first reaction was to say the no vote was a result of people “not understanding the treaty.”

I think the people understand the treaty far better than he and the other Eurorats would like.

The last thing we need is a sitting president of the EU, a unified foreign policy and a European army.

And does anyone really think letting in more Balkan nations along with many former soviet republics and nations like Turkey that are not even in Europe will do anything but turn voting on important issues into a pastich of the Eurovision song contest?

Iain Dale on the Irish vote

A Mixed Bag Of Stories Today

Why David Davies is resigning Is the resignation of Tory MP Dave (I cudda been a contender) Davis anything more than a cheap political stunt. Little Nicky thinks so as the Tory slence of plans to marginalise and silence Eurosceptic MEPs in the European Paliaments have been met with a deafening silence from the Cameroons.

The exploitation of AIDS It is revealed at last that the whole scare about an AIDS in the heterosexual population was nothing but a scam cooked up by the political correctness police in chahoots with Big Pharma.

Ireland Votes on Federalisation by Stealth The way the EU Commission have bullied and threatened Ireland over the likelyhood of a no vote on the new Treaty of Lisbon (The EU Constitution rejected by The Netherlands and France a few years ago, back only thinly disguised) shows that what is going on with the full support of our Labour government is Federalisation by stealth.

Well why not, they’ve done taxation by stealth and privatisation by stealth.

Its The Business (The Apprentice) No its not, its the money.

A Million Patients Battle Against Polyclinics

Ireland, Europe and The Price Of Independence

A couple of weeks ago we brought you a story about how the European Palrliament (with the full support of Britain’s neofascist Labour Group) are planning to silence MEPs (your elected representatives) who try to express Euroscepitc views.

If the issue of Federalisation by stealth concerns you, you will want to take a look at the story For Europe; Against The EU on how the Irish voters are being threatened and bullied as they prepare to vote on the revised treaty that is simply a disguised version of the European Consitution rejected by voters in France and The Netherlands a few years ago.

The plan is clearly to esablsh a Bureaucratic dictatorship in a federalised Europe and the voice of the people counts for nothing against the interests of the bureaucratic elite.

And as you read, remember our government, the Labour Government, the so -called people’s party, were absolutely determined under both Blair and Brown to deny us the opportunity to vote on this issue.

You Must Never Question Authority

What did Europe do to make Britain leave

Today’s recommended reads

The recommended reads for Monday, mostly focused on fuel prices, should be thought provoking.


Gas price to rise 50% An even tougher time ahead for consumers?

Fuel Protests Spread Across The Globe And even though we have the most expensive petrol in the world, it is not just us Brits who are feeling the pinch.

Spike Lee versus Clint Eastwood It’s film cannisters at dawn in Hollywood as Spike Lee tries to turn Clint’s casting policy into a race issue. Well we did warn you it would get messy if Obama won the nomination.

Europe hasn’t Gone Away And The Sceptics Smell Blood ~Meanwhile in Europe we are fighting Federalisation by stealth.

Rural America takes the worst hit on fuel prices More whining from the Yanks as petrol hits $4 per gallon at the pumps. They should chew on our prices for a while.

A comment thread that might save the planet

A few days ago I posted at Gather.com with the title A Big New Idea That Will Not Save The Planet. Being short of creative energy I posted a short article with a tongue in cheek spin on a controversial subject.
An absolutely brilliant comment thread was kicked off by that throwaway article, something that often happens at gather.

Maybe I should try the same tactics here, comments on anything but social chit-chat are getting to be as rare as rocking horse shit on this blog host.

Some people are still saying the ecomonic meltdown is just a blip.

How deluded can people get. There are “experts” out there still saying the economic crisis is just a blip, a market correction.

What planet do they live on?

Rising costs and an economy sustained for too long by unserviceable levels of debt combine to make this the most serious crisis in over a century. And all the politicians can think of is policies that will fuel another bubble.

The psychiatrist Harry Stack Sullivan once commented on “how suavely we simply ignore great bodies of experience, any clearly analysed instance of which might present us with a very real necessity for change.”

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