You Must Never Question Authority #1

The threat of creeping totalitarianism grows. Today I learned of a move in the European Parliament to banih Europsceptic MEPs from debates by denying them the funds needed to ensure their case is heard.

There is also a plan afoot to vet questions asked in the parliament and to block those that question the fedralist line from being raised.

Are you prepared to let YOUR elected representatives be treated as lackeys by the dark forces of federalism. So far of the British parties, Labour are for all moves to banish political opposition, the Lib Dems, Greens and UKIP (now there’s an unlikely threesome) are against and the Conservatives are vacillating.

join the fight. Look up these blogs, get involved, spread the word. Big Brother is alive and well, he lives in Brussells and he wants to send British democracy to room 101.

Trixie on the creeping federalisation of Europe

Broadening the dinner party list – Mr. Eugenides on political correctness

Devils kitchen takes up Trixie’s comment, creeping federalism in Europe

Iain Dale takes up the cause of democracy against the creeping totalitarianism of Europe

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