Sugaring the bitter pill

No post from Little Nicky today as all the effort has gone into a huge post on Boggart Blog about The Appeentice, which offers some whacky humour but makes a very serious point at the conclusion.

Sugar is kosher but stupidity and Michael’s chicken aren’t

I Don’t Believe It Cardinal Murphy O’Connor offended this writer by suggesting Christians should respect atheists. But was he being pastronising as suggested or was he simply asking Christians to respect the right of others to hold a different p.o.v.
I’m with the Cardinal on this

McCain’s Christocrat While the Evangelical Christian buddies of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton have been closely scrutinised, John McCain has had a relitavelt free ride. But he is happy to accept support from some very scary nutters.

Poll shows record conservative lead A new pll out today shows a record conservative lead over Labour. But is it anything more than a knee jerk response to the local election results by the usual bandwagon riders?

Crooks and Liars McCain’s Spiritual Guide Another blog another nutty evangelists unearthed in the McCain camp.

Down With Tyranny Some Obamaite Democrats across the pond are speaking as if the election is already won. This blogger warns against complacency.

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