People Who have done nothing wrong have nothing to fear from CCTV, neither has anyone else.

Every few months since it came to power, The Government has released a new set of crime figures showing that “recorded” crime has fallen. The keyword here is “recorded.”
One of the reasons politicians like to cite for their alleged success in dealing with crime is the success of their policy of installing CCTV cameras everywhere but independent figures released today show that CCTV cameras do not cut crime at all.
There are several very logical reasons for believing the independent figures.

Many of the cameras are not working at any particular crime. This is because they are installed and operated by private contractors financed by Public / Private Finance agreements. This gives the operators an incentive to tick the boxes on the forms without carrying out the necessary maintenance work.

Criminals know where cameras are and commit their offences round the corner.

The fashion industry helps the criminal fraternity. Did you think hooded sweatshirts and Burberry caps were just a fashion statement?

Defenders of CCTV claim the technology is good for identifying wrongdoers by the logos on their clothes. Imagine some lawyer having to stand up in court and say, “In the photograph on the left the jury will see the accused walking in High Street wearing a blue sweatshirt on which a Nike logo is clearly visible. The photograph on the right from the same camera 30 minutes later shows a group of young men robbing an older man. Their faces obscured due to their hood being raised but one is wearing a blue sweatshirt bearing the Nike logo. This must prove beyond reasonable doubt the guilt of the accused.

Yeah right. Any jury would convict.

The cameras are most effective as a weapon against street crime but the images from them are too fuzzy and indistinct to be used as evidence in court. They are best used to monitor trouble spots and direct police patrols to where a presence is needed. Trouble is, so much money has been wasted on this technology, the police forces have had to reduce numbers of feet on the street.

Our Government of control freaks will defend their policy beyond reason of course, they can never admit to failure. To compound their folly, even now they are gearing up to introduce a new generation of surveillance cameras claimed by manufacturers to be capable of zooming in on a target to photograph the iris. The data will then be checked against the biometric information database compiled for the National ID card project.

Don’t know about you, but I am going to be investing my life savings in firms that make sunglasses.

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23 thoughts on “People Who have done nothing wrong have nothing to fear from CCTV, neither has anyone else.

  1. We have 4.2 million CCTV cameras in this country Labour has been in power for what 11 years, thats 381,818 year, I think the previous Government started us on this venture.

    However, which ever Government is in power they won’t stop installaing CCTV they have all become obsessive.



    1. I think the figures are a bit distorted by churn. Like when we to talk about a billion PCs having been sold as if that means there are a billion PCs in use.

      As a former IT pro I’m on my eighth. I still have three working the rest were scappred (ethically) long ago.

      Statistics are always misleading.

      The previous Government did start installing CCTV but only for monitoring purposes. They would have tried to use them as a replacement for coppers big feet on the street but the technology was not up to it – and still isn’t apparently.


    1. Well me and you for a start, Michael St. Mark, eggbod, sallyonyour, Paul Duffy (below) who is way overdue for opening an account and joining the anarchy, and quite a lot more I see around here quite often. Mustn’t forget my little sister and co-author fatsally of course though she tends to say at Boggart Blog.

      Not a bad rillte embryonic rebellion we have going there Ty.


  2. Same old, same old.

    ‘Government fucks up with vanity projects taking precedence over anything genuinely useful’

    I’m just waiting for the announcement that iSoft will be taking over the control software (unless I missed that one?). Honestly, they’re as bad as the funny handshake brigade.

    Makes me wonder how much I could get away with though. Put on one of those obscuring covers on my number plates (as seen in CSI, thanks for the tip) which can’t be seen straight on and drive around robbing post-offices and running over chavs. Can’t throw a rock without hitting a bright red Ford Fiesta. Not my first choice, but…


    1. And a fridge magnet should take care of the RFID chip in your voluantary compulsary ID card.

      Can’t have you robbing post offices mate, that will give Broon another excuse for closing them 🙂 Running over chavs will win you a lot of friends here though.


    1. I’m sure nobody looks at the stuff, but the potential for tying it to RFID technology embedded in ID cars makes the future look very dystopic (I’ve been dying to use dystopic for ages)
      Join the revolution.


  3. Great post . Indeed the U.K. is the most watched country on earth we have more C.C.T.V. than any other country , not even CHINA has the survailience that we have . Yes i heard the report that they do not significantly reduce crime compared to other methods , also now the U.S. can access the data from our cameras now under the guise of ANTI-TERROISM . I dont know about buying sunglasess but i am never ever reading George Orwells book 1984 again! .


    1. I didn’t know the yanks could look at our stuff.

      Think I’ll get some stars and stripes bog roll printed and distribute it among the members of the local chavvery who like to get themselves on camera shitting in the street.


      1. Yes at the moment its just licience plates from cars from aggregated traffic cameras , but they plan to expand it soon to selected C.C.T.V. i believe? . Sorry for spelling misstakes but i am dyslexic . I have just subscribed to your blog via R.S.S. looks like some great topics on it , it may take a while to get through it! . Steve! .


      2. We try to keep tings varied, my co-author it having a bit of downtime at the moment.

        Its strange though, on British blogs, which I work really hard at, getting more than a handful of comments is like looking for rocking horse shit. On am American blog I can cobble together somehing very mediocre and get 200 comments.


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