The Population Timebomb
As food shortages threaten to lead to war and humanitarian disaster John Feeney asks the question Little Nicky’s blog posed six months ago, is it time to face up to the need for population control.

Race Issue Dogs Obama
Will the race issue derail the Barak Obama bandwagon before he even secures the nomination?

A Brighter Outlook For The Economy The markets and the people who write about them are amazing. Nine months of consistently worsening financial conditions was dismissed as a “blip.” Now a one day knee jerk surge in share prices has them all scrambling to claim “the recovery has begun.”

Base Instincts The way polls are going across the pond suggests America’s democrats, like New Labour in Britain, have lost touch with their core vote.

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  1. No need for population control i suspect nature is gearing up for a bit of a cull!!!

    1918-19 Spanish flu, which killed 50 million people in 18 months. was bad. But avian flu is far more dangerous. It kills 100 percent of the domesticated chickens it infects, and among humans the disease is also lethal: of 109 people who were known to have contracted it, it killed 54 percent i am to scared to do the math on a world wide pandemic!!|-|


    1. Agricultural policy in the western world might as well be depopulation policy in the third.

      We lent to anything that had a pulse here, but not to those who had no assets there.

      We done good.

      I’m so proud…


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