A Quiet Day In The Blog Office

No big news stories today as we all all election watching. Will it be Boris or Ken, will the Labour core vote crumble in the old indistrial areas, will the Greens get their well deserved breakthrough in traditional Con /Lib-Dem Nimbyland consituencies.

Who will come up with the most ridiculous excuse for a mediocre performance?

We will be back on the case tomorrow. Meanwhile you might like to check out these stories:

Defining Insanity Hufington Post examines the apparent determination of The Democrats to lose the Presidential election in November. Could it be they have worked out just how screwed the US economy really is?

The cunning Realist on Fuel Price Protests Fuel prices are squezing the “cojones” of those redneck SUV drivers in the USA resulting in protests by drivers going round in circles slowly, thus wasting expensive fuel. But with the pump price still below $4 per gallon we can only wonder WTF they are complaining about.

Live Blog – The Apprentice Last night the stubbly one said “you’re fired” to obnoxious shortarse Kev but are this years crew of desperate wannabes the most repulsively egocentric yet? Would you employ any of them.

2 thoughts on “A Quiet Day In The Blog Office

    1. Well the post on Bozza’ utter humiliation / glorious triumph will belong to Boggart Blog where the silly stuff goes so I am back to attacking The Great Conspiracy in all its many guises.


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