Cads, Scoundrels and Hypoctites – Guess Who?

Little Nicky looked in on the excellent Mr. Eugenides today and found that estimable blogger complaining of the way people like him and my good self are often characterised as curmudgeonly misanthropes by the kind of people who would have you all believe that everything we are told by politicians, the meeja and people who have a vested interest in avoiding being made to answer difficult questions.

So are we and other such bloggers wrong to be sceptical of all that “THEY” tell us. Should we be a little more trusting, try harder to see the positive aspect of things and always look on the bright side of life (dee dum deedumdeedumdeedum) ?

Well to help decide whether us whiners, carpers and moaning bastards can safely be ignored or whether in fact, despite all out best efforts we can never adequately depict the depth of cynicism, duplicity and hypocrisy that prevails in public life, Mr. E. pointed me at this item on Guido Fawkes blog concerning Labour’s exploiting the sad death of Gwyneth Dunwoody for political gain by carrying out a data mining exercise on visitors to the tribute website set up in her honour.

You will be gobsmacked at the sheer gall of these people, and yet when found out they complain that telling the truth about their mendacious machinations is grossly unfair.

Today We Commented On:
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Well British bloggers, myself included, spend so much time mocking America its beyond time someone had a go back…

House prices drop for the first time since 1996

Off Target – counting teenage pregnancy when judging schools
Isn’t it time The Government understood that bureaucratic meddling never solves anything?

4 thoughts on “Cads, Scoundrels and Hypoctites – Guess Who?

  1. I have always been marked as something of a troublemaker because I have a tendency to speak up for things I believe in (not always, I hasten to add – I’m human, after all!) I remember once being very smartly put in my place when querying something or other many years ago and told ‘I don’t ask questions….’
    A few months later, that same person was complaining to me how things had gone from bad to worse in her neighbourhood. That’s what we get when we don’t ask questions…..:)


  2. Ty,
    I try to ask the awkward question whenever possible but like you say we can’t cover all the bases. When more people realise that if we leave it to the great and good things will NOT be alright because they are more dishonest and self interested than most, maybe we will get back control of our lives.


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