Teachers Strike Leaves Pupils At A Loose End.

The first teachers strike in over two decades is due to take place on Thursday of this week. Teachers Union officials give as the reason for the strike a derisory 2.4% pay offer. The root causes go much deeper however.

Bad behaviour in class, including an increasing number of physical attacks on teachers by pupils, increased levels of bureaucracy causing teachers to spend more time on administration than actually teaching, the removal of disciplinary powers and constant politically motivated meddling by the authorities have combined to bring morale in the teaching profession to an all time low.

We must suppose that government policy is driven by the idea that if it cannot be privatised it must be abandoned.

Our major concern about Thursday’s strike though must be for the pupils. With a thousand schools set to remain closed, the poor little mites will have nowhere to not go.

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6 thoughts on “Teachers Strike Leaves Pupils At A Loose End.

  1. I once put one of your points to a teacher who was a union rep in the NUT, that if corporal punishment was reintroduced would it help or deter the situation re classroom control.
    Her view was that you would find it very hard to find any one who would use it and those who would, would use it for the wrong reasons.


    1. That was always the case, but I did not mean corporal punishment. Teachers I know tell me detention is a joke these days, kids only attend to wind up the teacher and walk out when they feel like it. Handing out lines is just ignored.


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